In the Spring of 2014, Squirrelle Design  & Emelle LLC. with assistance from Jonathan Coleman  created the website for CAROT, the Center of Advanced Retinal and Ocular Therapeutics at UPENN, Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.

 CAROT is a global premiere center for translating novel bench research, such as gene and cell therapies, into the clinics and the healthcare market. 


On the CAROT web project, I aided in scheduling a web delivery timeline, drafts of design concepts, wireframes of user flow, and tech solutions based on the needs of the laboratory. I also oversaw delivery of the content on the  site, created the UI graphical elements for the site, and acted as liaison between the client & developer which was a tall task because of the need to create a secure system to protect patient privacy. Also I helped to create an intranet system for the research lab to use to help them with file organization and sharing information within different cores of the lab .